Where are you from?
I am from Melbourne, Victoria Australia.


When did you come to the United States?
I was fortunate to live in most states of Australia, thereby seeing a lot of my country. So I headed to the United States as a tourist in 2000. I then met my wife Melissa in 2001 in Belize Central America and later married. Before residing in the United States full time, I spent nearly 18 months living in the British Virgin Islands before immigrating to the United States as green card holder back in 2002.  In July of 2008, I swore in as a U.S citizen, and now reside in Pearland, Texas.


How much experience do you have?
I have been shooting since 1986. Since then I have taken well over 150,000 pictures in more than 20 countries both above and below the water.


When did you start shooting professionally?
I started my professional career back in 1998 when I worked on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef as a professional underwater photographer & videography as a PADi MSDT 101658 Scuba Diving Instructor. This line of work took me to Belize in Central America and the British Virgin Islands before settling in the United States.


When did you buy your first camera gear?
I bought my first Single Lens Reflex (SLR) film camera back in 1986 and a range of lenses that allowed me to shoot very wide angle, right up to 600mm super telephoto.


What do you take pictures of?
Quite simply, I take pictures of anything and everything! Feel free to look over my website and you will find a very diverse range of photography that will astound you.  My passion is underwater photography, though in recent years I am shooting more portrait and action images, with the last 6 years shooting pictures of our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan.


Do you photograph action sports?
Yes I do, recently I have been a regular at motocross, BMX venues and continually looking at other sports to specialize in. NOTE: Using multiple off camera flashes in the hands of an assistant allows me to create awesome custom action portraiture.


Do you photograph sports?
Yes, but more like staged portraiture covering football, soccer, baseball players. Nothing like Mom & Pop running around the side lines with their entry level SLRs, but more advanced studio setups on or beside a field.


Do you photograph weddings?
Yes. I blend the perfect mix of photojournalism and traditional photography to give you the very best images of your day covering everything from intimate fleeting moments during the preparation to the staged Bride & Groom, and family images everyone loves to see on their walls or in albums.


Do you do family portraiture?
Yes I am happy to photograph individuals, couples, family’s, Modeling, Seniors, Pets etc. Please contact me to discuss your needs. I can photograph either inside or outside environments.


Do you photograph children?
Yes! I photograph, Newborns, infants, toddlers, children, and up to teenagers. I employ a variety of advanced lighting and specialized triggers in an effort to get the very best images.


Are you trustworthy?
I cleared all federal requirements to gain my Green card and enter the United States in 2002, after supplying police background checks from Australia and the British Virgin Islands.
2005 Cleared by the U.S. Government Dept of Defense to work as a Contractor in Iraq
2008 Current holder of Concealed Weapons Permit
2008 Cleared by the U.S. Dept of State with full biometrics to work as a Bodyguard Paramedic in Baghdad Iraq
2008 Cleared by the U.S. Government Dept of Defense to work as a Contractor in Iraq
2010 Cleared by the U.S. Dept of State to work on an Afghanistan Police Mission
2012 Current holder of Global Entry Card
2012 Current holder of Transport Workers Indentification Card (TWIC)

I have had biometrics and background checks taken so many times it makes my head spin. I say if you can't trust me you will never trust anyone!


Do you photograph vehicles?
Yes, I photograph everything from motorcycles, exotic cars, up to large trucks.


Do you do boudoir photography?
Yes, this can be done almost anywhere, whether it be in my studio, in a hotel or your private residence. There are a lot of other considerations taken and expressed to you before such a photography session goes into play. Pleas contact me for additional details.


Do you do nude photography?
Yes, please contact me for details


Do you photograph corporate personal and or events?
Yes I am available to cover most corporate events and provide you my services. Please contact me for details.


Do you take photographs of medical professionals?
Yes! Doctors, Surgeons, Dentist, and other professional disciplines are covered. I also do clinic staff photographs too. So if you need to make a statement on who you are and why people should trust you, then may I suggest you consider my services, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Do you take photographs of surgical operations?
Yes!  Given my diverse back ground in medicine and experience in operating rooms over the past 20 years, I am very capable to provide expert imagery for medical procedures without compromising sterile fields.


Do you take photographs of boats?
Yes, I can photograph external and internal images of any private watercraft.


Do you do underwater photography?
Yes, I have been shooting professional underwater photography for a number of years. I have the ability to meet and exceed your expectations.


Do you do aerial photography?
Yes, I am able to provide you images taken from any aerial platform. Images can be taken from almost any airplane, helicopter or light aircraft. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Can you do time lapse or remote photography?
Yes, I can take thousands of images over a 24hr period or set up system to remote capture anything crawling out of a hole or passing between two given points – livestock, wildlife, people etc.


Is there anything you don’t know how to photograph?
No, I have an extensive range of professional gear and specialty equipment that gives me the capability to not only capture what you want, but with the right gear and creativeness provide you with many other unique and exciting images you never thought of.


What kind of equipment do I use?
Please note that I actually own all this gear, So I can be available for shoots on short notice as I don't need to wait for rental gear to come in.

Canons top of the line professional digital SLR the 1Ds Mark III, Professional L- series lenses such as the 14mm II f2.8 L, 16-35mm II f2.8 L, 100mm f2.8 L,  70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM, 1.4 II Extender, 2x Extender, Pocket wizards - 8x TT5, 2xTT1,2x PlusII,1x MultiMax. 4x 580EXII, 2x 580EX, and 2x 430EXII flash. And a whole range of other accessory lighting gear, reflectors and for underwater I have 2 full Aquatica housing sets complete for the 1Ds and 20D, Phototrap.


Can you travel nationally and internationally?
Yes… Most cases I need 4-8 weeks lead time, but I have been known to leave on very short notice. Time and speed of departure from Texas is dependent on current work commitments. Contact me as soon as possible to discuss your travel plans.


What are you fees for traveling internationally?
My fee schedule varies on distances traveled and modes of transport, please contact me to discuss options.


What are you fees for traveling within North America?
My fee schedule varies on distances traveled, please contact me to discuss options.


How do I book you for a photo shoot?
Please email me at [email protected] and let me know a brief summary of who, what, when, I will get back to you that same day or very early the next day to arrange a free consultation face to face locally or over the phone.


When is the booking fee paid in full up front?
If the cost of the shoot is under $500.00.  Or booked with less than 7 days notice.

I will require 100% payment at the time of booking, via M/C or VISA Credit Card at the time of booking.


If the booking fee exceeds $500 how much deposit is required to secure my booking?
Once we have discussed your package requirement, I expect a 50% down payment via M/C or VISA Credit Card at the time of booking to secure your date or 100% is due if your booking is less than 7 days notice.


When is the balance due?
The remaining 50% balance is due 48hrs before the shoot.


What is your refund policy?
For shoots over $500.00

10% cancellation fee with less than 30 days before the event,

30% cancellation fee with less than 21 days before the event,

50% cancellation fee with less than 14 days before the event,

80% cancellation fee up till 3 days before the event,

100% cancellation fee under 3 days before the event.

Shoots under $500.00

10% cancellation fee with less than 21 days before the event,

30% cancellation fee up till 7 days before the event,

60% cancellation fee up till 3 days before the event,

100% cancellation fee under 3 days before the event.

$ Amounts & Time are subject to change


Do you provide images on CD or any other media?
No! All images taken in the photographic session will be uploaded to www.TerryMooreImages.com for purchasing. You will be given a coupon code with a set % discount to apply to your purchase. The discount amount varies with the type of photo shoot you book me for.


Who owns the copyright to all images?
Terry Moore, of TerryMooreImages.com owns the exclusive copyright to every image taken of your event.  With legal representation available to me from within my family I pursue all copyright infractions vigorously. Please do not copy any image without having the proper release or permission.


Do you release your images to the client?
Yes. Every photography shoot has a release in one form or another. It depends on what I am photographing, pricing and intended distribution to name a few. Please call me to discuss your needs, I promise I will do my best to accommodate your needs.


Do you require model releases?
Yes whenever possible a model release will be required from all people I photograph.


Do you provide images for non-profit organizations?
No! I am willing to discuss there needs and work with them with a custom price. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Do you provide releases for students assignments?
Yes. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Do you use an assistant?
Yes I do, but not always. If the shoot requires one for me to work more efficiently then one will be with me.


Can I be your assistant?
No not at this stage.


What kind of photographers do you use as second shooters?
If I need to have another ­photographer to assist me, they will be another professional photographer that I have personally vetted to have the skills, professional equipment and capabilities to meet recognized professional standards. In most cases these second shooters will be sought out to do more complex events such as high-end weddings or large parties.


Why would you need a second photographer?
Consider this carefully because there are many advantages having two wedding photographers.

·      Two photographers can cover your wedding from many different angles doubling your chances of you getting great images at every stage of your special day.

·      If a guest prevents a good photograph being taken by the primary photographer, then the second photography will in most cases capture it.

·      Also if one photographer is focused on the official portraits, the other photographer can focus on capturing guest interactions or other concurrent activities.

·      A solitary wedding photographer will be a very busy individual on your day and sadly he cant be at two places at once, meaning lost opportunities.

·      Two photographers generally have two different shooting styles and see things differently from their respective angles.

·      If a photography falls ill or has suffered some form of physical injury before or on your day, the other photographer can step up and your day will not be lost.

·      Having two photographers is good insurance if you can afford it.



 After the shoot will I have my own online gallery?
Yes! All of your images from the professional shoot will be placed online for you and everyone else to purchase. This  gallery will remain online for 12 months from the date of the event.


Can I have my online gallery be made private?
Yes! All you have to do is ask.


Are you discreet?
Yes! I am capable of providing a very discreet photographic session for those who want images out of the pubic domain or other media. This applies to all personalities, celebrities or others who wish for their session to remain private. Contact me for more details.


What kind of print products do you offer?
Terry Moore Images offers a huge range of print products available to you online. You can purchase framed prints, Large prints, coffee mugs, stationary, and the list goes on.  I also accept custom orders for luxurious print products, such as high gloss metal prints.


What kinds of underwater shoots do you do?

·      I am available for commercial contracts, photographing docks, pipelines, rigs, vessels etc.

·      I also shoot Bubble makers, which is a new program I am developing for 2012 which captures children playing in pools where I lay a backdrop in the water against the wall and capture them as they bomb the surface.

·      Underwater fantasy Modeling

·      Pregnancy – Pre birth images of the mother

·      Taking images of you during Scuba Courses. And

·      Any other reason you need a professional underwater photographer.


What do you charge for weddings?
My prices are very competitive for the area I represent, which is the City of Houston, down to Galveston and Lake Jackson regions.  Strangely these days with the costs of most weddings reaching several thousands of dollars, Photography is the one cost everyone wants to skimp on. So here is a couple of things I would like you to think about when making an important decision about who will be your photographer…

1.     Consider this, out of all the costs you cash out for your special day, the one and only item of expenses that will stand the test of time will be your gifts, photography and the rings you wear. Ask your parents if they can remember what the caterer placed on their plates for their reception meal. Or what flower arrangements they ordered? Respectfully my bet is that 100% of them wouldn’t have a clue? But what they will have that is far more tangible than their faded memories is their photographs. Surely this is a more worthy investment?

2.     In the digital age, it appears that everyone is a “Professional Photographer” Many will brag and say that their style is “Photojournalistic” or a Traditionalist. Whats the difference?

Photojournalist photographers will shoot your wedding unobtrusively meaning that they will capture the highlights of your wedding in a manner that doesn’t interfere with flow of your wedding day. Generally no classic poses are offered when wedding photographers offer this style. In my humble opinion many of these (not all) photographers do not have the photography skills to capture poses beautifully due to one or more reasons, such as Inexperience, or lack of expensive equipment to name a couple.

Traditional or Formal Photographers provide you studio quality portrait images that typically require multiple lights, soft boxes and other specialist equipment. Traditional photographers are more equipment intensive than the photojournalist photographers.

3.     A professional photographer is capable of providing you traditional photography as well as photojournalistic photography.  Meaning that the professional can provide you with a variety of great images that many other photographers can't.  Why would you settle for a photographer that can only provide you with 75% of the possible poses on your beautiful day?  Remember most professional photographers have single lenses that are more expensive than what other professional photographers pay for their camera & lens combined.  No truer are these words… "You pay for what you get!"

4.     Lastly,  Please allow me the opportunity to speak with you about your photography needs. At the very least I will do my best to educate you about your choices even if you decide to use someone else. I care more about you getting the best out of your special day than taking the job.

5.     My base line fee starts at around One thousand five hundred, but is customized to your needs on your special day so this baseline price may differ slightly.


Do you teach photography?
Soon! At this time I am writing short introductory course programs to assist those who want to get the most out of their Point & Shoot and entry level SLR cameras. I will be also offering underwater photography courses from entry level to advanced covering point & shoot and SLR systems. Lastly I am available for one on one teaching at a rate of $50hr, this rate is for teaching you “Either” Macro, Wide Angle, Super Wide Angle, Point & Shoots, This does not include transport, incidentals such as food drinks etc.


What do you like to do when not taking photos?
I like to travel to dive destinations with my wife
Ride my FJR 1300
Tactical Shooting
Think about new photographic opportunities