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hey friends its nice to see your post i just wanted to know more about the website can anyone help? need to know more about this.

Aviation is my passionate field and it was my dream to become a pilot, unfortunately, I could not. Hence, I am a big aviation enthusiast and unlike other people, I like to collect the aviation photos. I wish you had not edited some of those photos to that limit.
Mick Easman(non-registered)
Terry, hope all's well man
Cheri Wantland(non-registered)
Terry is a top of the line photographer & captures incredible images no matter what the setting is. One special day, my husband & his son made a long overdue trip to a local dirt bike track. It was the 1st time for the 17 yr. old. As fate would have it, Terry just happened to be there. He was snapping pictures all over the track & captured some rare moments in the lives of two strangers. Terry's images made both father & son look like "pros" as they jumped hills & enjoyed their ride. We simply HAD to have some of the pictures. And thus began our fascination with ALL of Terry's work. We were all blessed on that day. Thank you Terry!! :) Cheri
Hari Janevski(non-registered)
I would like to share with all that i had a pleasure to work closely with Terry in Iraq and providing service for the brave. During that time i saw an amazing Medic passionate to his work and dedicated to the quality service for the injured contractors and military. I personally witnessed his material entertainment donation for the injured ones at the Hospital and his honest pleasure sharing with who ever suffers, it was literally visible in his eyes. The same way he does pictures and captures moments of life the way that can be rarely seen out there, Yes there are beauties around us but the majority of us see it when someone else is showing it to us, most of the time we pass by and do not see anything at all, well this Gentleman and a true warrior and real Advanced first aider can bring that unique picture in the most refined artistic way. No further comments are needed, just look and from his work you will freely include all your senses with pleasure and clear natural acceptance for the reality around us all.
Nancy Lansom(non-registered)
Hey Terry,
These pics are absolutely amazing. Can I use some of these to show our AAFC Cadets? I think your images are so inspiring!
CW4 Keith Barker, US Army Aviation Night Vision Devices Branch Chief(non-registered)
Awesome doing business with you, Terry! Very easy to work with, great photos, and they will be around for a very long time in the metal prints. Everyone who has seen them has had a positive reaction to them. They have really updated our classrooms and headquarters areas.
Duncan Hundley(non-registered)
The Bulldozer operator in pic 38 is hot, do you have any contact details.
Chad LeGros(non-registered)

Nice meeting you today at Divezone. Great pictures! I was in Iraq in 2005 as well.
Daved L Rotner(non-registered)
I am a retired master sergeant from the US Army Special Forces. Terry and my family have become fast friends. He is not only one of the finest men I have ever met but his skill with a camera is extraordinary. He photographed my family while we were visiting the Houston area. Working with my girls is a lot like herding cats. Not only did he manage them but he took the best photos ever of my family. After that he guided me to a company that prints the photos on metal and we had a 20 X 30 print made at a very reasonable price and several smaller prints. Everyone who has seen them wants to know where we got them. Terry I love your work! Thanks
Dave Reyna Ruth Irania and Daniela.
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